Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Splash Park Fun!

John Coles Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Splash Pads in playgrounds are MY FAVOURITE! I'm excited even typing up this post because we just had the most fun time. I cannot wait to go back!

Kerry and I arranged another super spontaneous trip (this seems to be how our friendship works!) on Monday this week. I had both Phoebe and Leonard at home with me, and the weather was beautiful so we were thinking of things we could do outside. We thought about visiting another National Trust venue, or taking them for a picnic lunch. Then I stumbled across the splash pad at John Coles Park in Chippenham.

This venue, like our last play date, was approximately half way between our homes. I've mentioned before that we live in the middle of nowhere and most places take around an hour to get to. This park was around 45-50 minutes drive for us. The kids are used to these lengths of time in the car so it was absolutely fine.

The website information for the splash pad said that it was open from May, so we really hoped it was switched on while we were there. The playground was amazing anyway, and we had a picnic lunch so the day wouldn't have been wasted if it wasn't. But we were in luck! Kerry tried the button and it didn't come on, so we asked at the refreshments kiosk if it was going to be on and the man kindly told us it switched on at 11am. (We got there at 10am!). AMAZING.

A play in the park, and an hour later, Phoebe pressed the button and switched on the water. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Sorry about the caps. I'm still excited ha! The kids absolutely loved it, and it's made me so so excited for our family holiday in a couple of weeks. We slapped on suncream (expect my back which I managed to burn and I am so cross with myself for that!!!!!!!), laid out Kerry's giant blanket, all our towels, got the kids into their swimwear, ate our picnic food, splashed all day, and played in the park too. I just had the best day.

We left around 2-2:30 pm feeling content, happy, and so grateful for good friends. Visiting a splash park was on my 'before Phoebe starts school' Bucket List which is now crossed off. But I hope we can do it at least one more time before September!

Do your little ones enjoy splash pads? You can watch the DITL video of our day on my YouTube channel here.

Summer Bucket List 2018

Are you looking for things to do with your Pre-Schooler before they start school this September? Me too! 

I've made this 'Bucket List' of ideas. Do let me know if you have any other suggestions. I wanted to keep things cheap, realistic, and of course the list had to be made up of things that Phoebe would enjoy doing. I asked her for some ideas. Can you guess which one was hers...?! (The toy shopping, of course!). 

I know that a lot of this list seems to be every day things. But honestly, they're the things I'll miss doing the most. Our weekends will be the only full on family time we get, and even then I think they'll be full of parties, homework, and club activities. I'm excited for Phoebe to experience all these things, but I do want to enjoy her preschool days while I can.

I'm really going to miss our lazy Monday and Friday mornings. No more long weekends for us! I'll miss walking to pre-school every day. I'll miss having Phoebe home in the afternoons on a Wednesday, and our play dates with friends mid-week. Leonard will miss his big sister, for sure. We'll have to keep busy!

I'm sure this summer will be full of fun though, so I'm really looking forward to ticking everything off this list!

Monday, 30 April 2018

April 2018

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April started with Stu having what we think was quinsy and so the kids and I celebrated Easter in Herts without him. We came home early as Phoebe had an ear infection. Then I got tonsillitis... But we soon saw the sunshine for a few glorious days, enjoyed coffee and cake, a trip to the library, and I’ve gotten really into my scrapbooking. We found out what school Phoebe will be going to in September - A big milestone for her.  We’ve ended the month with the typical April Showers, and needing to replace all four tyres on the car!

May is the countdown to our holiday and I’m already annoying Stu with how excited I am!

Monday, 16 April 2018

School admissions 2018

How is this little squish starting Primary School this September?!


Today is school admissions day, and I feel a little like the excitement of today has been taken away from me. I'm a bit unemotional about it. I'm not excited, and I'm not apprehensive or nervous. I don't really know if I mind. Which is awful?!

With the military, changes can happen at any time - be that in one week, or two years - and as it stands, we're due a new posting after just one term of school. I don't know if we'll move before school starts in September, if we'll move before the Christmas break, or if we'll move in January. I don't even know if we'll move at all next year. And so with schools, we kind of just have to take what we're given. Military children are a priority, and we're guaranteed a school place where ever & when ever we go. We just wont always get to chose which school.

As long as we get one of our top two choices I know Phoebe will be okay. Of course I'd prefer our first choice, but as I said, she may only be there for a month or two! I think if we were settled down, in our own home and we knew we weren't moving for a few years then I'd feel differently.

I think what I'm feeling is guilt. I don't like the fact that my first born baby girl is off to school, and that she will have to adapt to this huge change for just a few short weeks. I feel guilty for choosing this lifestyle for her. She might have to start fresh at a new school, make new friends, wear new school uniform, and get used to new school rules when she's only just adapted to the first new school.

She will be absolutely fine, I know that. She's SO adaptable. She enjoys traveling, and meeting new people. But every now and then she'll say she's scared or nervous to start school, and that makes me sad. I wish I could go with her! I want her to learn, and grow, but this becoming independent thing is just too much... I don't even like that she can open her own packets of food now, and tie knots in her dressing gown!

She's ready for school. But I'm not sure I am!