Sunday, 17 February 2019

30 weeks pregnant

Half term week has flown by and so has week 30.
10 weeks to go. TEN! (lets forget that I could well go overdue by up to two weeks...)
Not long until I'm counting down in single figures and wondering when the urge to nest will kick in!

Does organising, or the want to organise, count as nesting? Because I don't want to clean. I hate cleaning. But I want to get organised. I love to write a list - a do to list, a to buy list, a to pack list, a to change list.... and when I feel unorganised it has an impact on my mental health too. I need a clear house and a clear mind! I've had another happy week, but I'm definitely getting a nagging voice in my head that's telling me to make a start on rearranging furniture in the house, and to paint the cot.

We bought Phoebe and Leonard new beds this week - they're being delivered next week. Partly because we wanted them to have single sized beds instead of toddler sized, but mainly because I want the cot free to paint ahead of this baby's arrival.

I've got a pile of baby clothes to sort through. I've got a pile of my clothes to donate. I've got a whole load of packing boxes that still need to be dealt with, and NO ENERGY to do it! It's a part of pregnancy, I get that, and I'm not beating myself up, BUT it's so frustrating to not be able to physically do what I mentally want to. If that makes sense?!

This week I had my 28 week midwife appointment. A bit late due to the timing of the clinic clashing with plans but all is looking okay. My bump was measuring 30cm at 29+3 days so I am measuring slightly ahead of where I should be (it's 1cm per week), and this baby is higher on the chart than the other two, but the midwife didn't seem worried.

I've definitely started eating less food now because I feel full super quick and if I eat the same amount as I was before I feel sick and uncomfortable for hours! So maybe the whole bump size/baby size thing will even out over the next few weeks. I think my next appointment is at 33 weeks.

I've gained 9kg in weight, which I think is okay?! I've really no idea, but again the midwife didn't seem concerned. I've not been asked to go for a gestational diabetes test.

I'm still waiting to hear back from my new local hospital RE my self-referral, and I need that to happen fairly quickly as I'm due to have my bloods taken.

Half term meant lots of walking and being on my feet for long stretches. It's been so lovely having Phoebe home, but I'm feeling swollen and sore below, and need to remind myself to take it easy next week!

Other symptoms this week:
I've started leaking colostrum - YAY!
I've still been working out, but it's getting HARD!
The nausea has crept back in.
Restless legs a couple of evenings.
I've felt light headed a few times when standing up - anaemia?!
Sleep is still okay. I'm listening to my hypnobirthing MP3's if I wake for a wee and can't get back to sleep.
This baby's movements are so STRONG!


Sunday, 10 February 2019

29 weeks pregnant.

Wow. The third trimester has hit HARD this week! I wasn't expecting, at just one week into it, that i'd be feeling so EXHAUSTED! Honestly, I'm drained, and quite fancy napping in the afternoons. My workouts are becoming so difficult, and walking brings on painful shin splints. I've little energy to do much more than the basic school run, eat, sleep... pattern. It's half term next week and I'm so glad Stu is off because we've some fun things planned and I think I'm going to need that extra pair of hands to keep going!

This week I've managed to catch a little more of baby moving on camera. The movements are still a bit jabby and sore, but nice all the same. I'm feeling big with my stomach getting in the way a lot, but I know that in ten more weeks I'll look back and wonder what I was thinking because I'm only getting bigger and bigger!

The past few days I've been unable to finish my meals. I'm feeling full very quickly and I think I'm going to have to start eating little and often again. I need the energy from food, but I feel sick if I eat the same amount I was just last week in one go!

I've starting singing 'Heart burn, why do you miss when my baby kisses meeeee' every time the acid reflux strikes. Which is a LOT now! I don't feel a burning in my chest, I feel it in my throat, so I don't know if that counts as heart burn or not, of if they're the same thing?! WHO KNOWS. But they both SUCK.

This week I've really enjoyed getting lost in the internet looking up things to buy for this baby. I love browsing small shops, finding new ones to follow on Instagram, and also looking on TKMAXX for a bargain. I've bought a few new things for this little one that I might share over on YouTube.

I had my hair done this week and feel amazing for having a bit of a pamper. I'm back to being blonde, and loving it.
Phoebe seems happier this week, and I'm looking forward to having her home for half term.
I'm very thirsty this week. I've got a thing for chocolate milk at the moment.
I've wanted cake a lot this week. I made a banana bread and scoffed my half in one day.
My nails all broke off after weeks of being strong.
My hair is still static despite the bleaching!
I've been sleeping badly this week.
Baby brain is REAL. My memory is shockingly bad.
I've been less emotional, no crying or feeling sad!
I can feel that the relaxin hormone is getting stronger because my joints feel a little weaker/more easily moved around(?!?), the acid reflux has stepped up a notch, and things just ache more.
I'm having to pee so much. The other night it was literally every 10 minutes for about three hours!!

Husband's summary: Tired but happy!

Sunday, 3 February 2019

28 weeks pregnant.

HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER (and hello February)!
How're you doing?!

I'm feeling pretty good, although I have decided that it's already time to slow down a little with walking and general getting around. Putting on my shoes is a struggle, at this point with my previous pregnancies it was summer and I'd slip into some flip flops, or pumps. This time it's winter and we've had snow/frost so I'm wearing boots and lace up converse. It is NOT easy getting them on. Or off for that matter!! I have started to leave for the school run 5 minutes earlier, and I tell myself to walk a little slower, otherwise I start to feel lightning crotch/cramping/a Braxton Hicks type stitch. It's nothing terrible, but I don't want to over do things now, and have to drive everywhere like I did with Leonard's pregnancy.

I'm still doing my workouts 3 times a week, and annoyingly I feel like they're getting harder and harder. But I don't want to stop yet! I will be sensible and stop when I really need to, but at the moment I'm enjoying the buzz after, and enjoying feeling good about looking after myself.  It's really strange exercising when pregnant because it doesn't quite work in the same way. You're gaining weight, not losing it, and you feel weaker and weaker instead of stronger! But it's worth doing. I want the stamina for delivering this Baby, and I want to give my body a good chance at an easy recovery. Women's bodies are amazing.

Lets talk thighs. Weight gain on your thighs during pregnancy. It's a thing, which makes me feel so much better! I took a picture of myself the other day and got quite the shock at how much my thighs had grown. Despite going on about exercising, I'm not obsessed with weight gain, or worried too much about it, but I wasn't quite expecting my thighs to look like sumo wrestlers at 28 weeks pregnant. BUT, our bodies store fat when pregnant, ready for baby. From what research I have done, you don't tend to gain much weight in the third trimester and so the fat stored (in my case, in my thighs) is used to help baby gain weight in the last few weeks. I've also read that it's used for helping with producing breast milk post birth. So if you have tree trunk thighs too, don't worry!

Other pregnancy symptoms for week 28:
Bleeding gums when brushing my teeth.
Dark hair growing down my belly.
Getting fuller quicker when eating.
Acid reflux is daily.
This baby is still jabby. Ouchy, skinny, limby, jabby!!
I had another emotional day on Wednesday where I spent the whole day being grumpy, headachey, and MEH. Maybe it's a midweek thing?!
I had my whooping cough jab this week.

This week I've enjoyed:
Watching 'what I eat in a day videos' on youtube.
Making a list for my hospital bags/ newborn essentials.
Eating scrambled eggs again.
Having a lovely meal out with friends.
Visiting my sister's Wedding venue for the first time.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

January 2019.


January went by in a flash for me. Most people say January dragged for them so I feel quite lucky! I don't want to wish life away, but it's nice when things tick along in a content kind of way.

Our new house feels like home now. Familiar sounds and smells, and the small touches in each room that make me feel like I live here. There's still a cupboard of boxes to be unpacked but with there being absolutely no sign of nesting, that can wait!

We spent every weekend seeing friends and/or family and I've LOVED it. I'm definitely making the most of being this close to home. Who knows when the RAF will send us on again. Stu's deployment this year is looking more and more likely, but I'm not worrying/thinking about that too much just now.

Phoebe and Leonard have started at their new school and while I thought they were doing great, Phoebe in particular seems to be slightly stressed and overwhelmed without really knowing it. If you ask her, she says she loves school and that her teacher is nice. But she's been emotional, and it seems her stress is coming out physically with stomach aches, headaches, and numerous trips to the medical room at school. She needs more attention and support both at home and school. It's tricky and all I want is for her to be happy. I'm hoping time will be the best healer in this case.

Overall though we're happy, healthy and enjoyed January. I'm excited for February with half term coming up, and having some days out with my babies.